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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'm new laa sayang (^_^)")

hey ho , what's up dude ? SYUHADA's here . haaa , before starting my blog . i wanna tell you something . hoho ! I am not so clever to write in this blog laa -,- . But of course , this is where I can express my happiness , sadness , indignation , anger and so on to something or someone . hurmm , btw , i'm here not seeking of what its call of 'HOTNESS' okay , GAHH , i'm so not into that stuff -,- . and i do not expect you all to hear about my lifey life . Because , I know this is very tedious . ouh , and one more thing yeah , at here I want to write anything is my right okay . and hey , I would like tp fit with YOUR FACE for those who felt with my blog , *read it properlyokay . HAHA :D thanks very much time for reading my blog lol (!) I love you guys <3

**speaking english HANCURR (!) wahahaahahah xD